Monday, June 12, 2006

It's a tradition!

British, or maybe Dutch, soccer fans rioting? Why since the dawn of time those hooligans have been out to give sportsmanship a black eye, and possibly a broken bone or two, but The Guardian reports the latest mishap:

Plans to screen all of England's World Cup matches on big screens in London and Liverpool as part of a BBC-led initiative were abandoned yesterday in the wake of drunken violence during showings of the first game at the weekend.

Further screenings of England matches in the centre of Manchester may also be scrapped after an "unprecedented" number of people, as many as 12,000, packed into its city centre to watch the 1-0 win against Paraguay, many more than the authorities were expecting.

The move is a blow to the image of England fans, who ironically have been praised for behaving well in Germany, but also to the BBC, for whom the big screens initiative is a way of trying to reach out to the public.

-- Nice try BBC. You had good intentions, although they say the road to hell is paved with them.


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