Monday, May 15, 2006

Words, brilliant words

Austin American-Statesman reporter Richard Kreytak reports that troubled Texas runningback Ramonce Taylor's marijuana arrest in Bell County came after Taylor and party-crashing friends were asked to leave.

No one's proved anything yet, but the pecan farmer is quoted as saying "they were asked to leave because we don't condone drugs."

And that doesn't prove anything, either. It leaves questions.

However, Kreytak got some excellent thought-provoking quotes from Taylor's attorney Buck Harris.

Robert "Buck" Harris said the drugs do not belong to Taylor and that if his client knew there were drugs in the car he would not have given Bell County sheriff's deputies permission to search his vehicle.
"He's not playing hide the ball. If he's carrying five pounds of marijuana either he's the stupidest person alive or thinks he's bulletproof," Harris said after the brief hearing.
"It would be a tragedy for any young person. It just so happens he's a famous young person. . . . Less than five months ago, he was the king of the mountain. . . . And today, he's just another young man in trouble."


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