Monday, May 15, 2006

Just another case?

The marijuana arrest of University 0f Texas back Ramonce Taylor has that nasty sound of another case of a young guy who forgot about what he's got going for him and played outside the lines too much. Wasted talent, or that taken for granted can lead to many bad things as case after case over the many years keep bearing out. For his sake, I hope it's like his attorney said, and not his pot, but still being in possession could leave some serious problems, anyway.

The nature of the arrest sounds odd, but possession is still possession and that can take some time to determine who was in possession in long, expensive court proceedings.

Bad mark for Taylor is that he was really already off the UT football team, which doesn't work well in character portrayal. He was scheduled to be a junior in the fall. The wording is that he did not practice with the team in the spring because he was pursuing academics, but in such dealings, especially after another sketchy incident he was involved in in Austin, it just isn't looking good a this stage.

The Associated Press is reporting:

Taylor told deputies he didn't have a gun and gave them permission to search his vehicle. Deputies reported finding a a live .40-caliber bullet and the backpack with the marijuana, which they said belonged to Taylor.


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