Friday, May 12, 2006

He's got another one

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar has another moving coming out, which appears to have some of the same formula as before -- leaning toward women and their problems and some general weirdness, but moves into something maybe more cerebral with the living and the dead mixing together in daily activities, but in a somewhat traditional La Mancha sort of way. Almovodar is from La Mancha.

I hope to see this one, and catch up on the ones I missed in recent years, but that will probably mean driving to San Antonio, some 300 miles round trip and some $30, or more, in gasoline.

I do miss the day when my understanding of peninsular Spanish was much better from my 11 trips there. And by the same token, I miss the day when the U.S. dollar when farther there than it does now against the Euro.


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