Sunday, May 07, 2006

And about that friend, watery issue

Of course I have come to the point where Flickr expects me to start paying money to add more photos. Not likely any time soon, unless they'd go for a blog trade out?

Such things are possible. They work trade outs in various mainstream media all the time.

Yes, too much controversy on this blog -- so far.

Plenty of border, immigration issues down here where I live, but age discrimination in the job market is one obscure issue I have failed to see much about in the too often too conservative mainstream media.

The question of the quality of drinking water in Laredo, Texas continues to come up. Last night at a popular downtown hotel and meeting place I was asked if I have heard anything about Ciudad Juarez dumping raw sewage into the Rio Grande? I haven't in some time, but the issue will get more play. As it is, the high-saline solution found in the immediate Laredo-area could be a serious contributor to the weighty issue of obesity here on the border. Salty water is not a good liquid for the weight conscious. Laredo gets its drinking water from the Rio Grande.


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