Monday, June 12, 2006

One of these days

Some day the U.S. will win a World Cup. Maybe even more than one, but it looks a long way off judging from Monday's 3-0 loss to the Czech Republic.

Traveling, reading, watching and interviewing has led me to believe that the U.S. soccer training infrastructure is already stronger than several of the more established powers in that sport and the athletes are certainly here, despite all the draw to play other sports. Whenever that day comes it will really have to come from the players themselves who will battle through all the doubt and late night talk show jokes to live up to their potential.

Against the Czechs, however, it was the all too familiar scene of American players playing timid, too mechanical or both -- possibly trying too hard mentally and not allowing their true player selves into the game.

That group that breaks through some day will certainly find a place in U.S. sports history. These guys will be real sports heroes.


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