Friday, August 15, 2014

The Lady in BlueThe Lady in Blue by Javier Sierra
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spanish Author Javier Sierra brilliantly weaves a four-part plot through small chapters with smart, short sentences into this very smooth read.
Somehow, or another, it took me six years to finally get to this one, It was worth it,
He also cleverly stimulates the reader at the end, too. Sierra notes his own stumbling into this story, and in his post scriptum casts doubt on the reader's chance that this book simply fell into their hands.
There is a lot to that. He notes his own obsession with this intriguing topic of bilocation -- being in two places at the same time -- and challenges you there as well.
I visited the town of Agreda, Spain, twice, where the nun is said to have traveled from while still at home in her convent. I have told others that there is so little to do there that I could see one's imagination taking them faraway.
Funny how Agreda seems to be sitting on the deck of a crude aircraft carrier when first approaching in a bus.

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