Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PacManPacMan by Gary Poole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I grabbed this one at the Hong Kong airport, and had gone through 56 pages before arriving in Northern Samar -- down in the Philippines where it all originated.

It made a difference. Reading about Manny Pacquiao in his home country. Words come to life, making Poole's smooth copy flow like a rapid river, rushing down a mountain.

I finished the 320 plus pages in just a few days.

A young boy helped illustrate where the PacMan comes from with his constant donations to the poor. The boy, about 8, kept talking to his grandmother in the van from near the airport in Western Samar as we headed north. My wife noticed something, but I didn't see it until the boy stepped out to let another passenger exit.

He smiled at me when he got back in -- complete with teeth showing through an untreated harelip. Something you are not likely to see in the U.S. or more developed countries.

Pacquiao might have handed over the operation money right away. You can do things like that when you win big fights, and make money from endorsements.

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