Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Worthy of note

Texas Christian University is bringing on former Dallas Associated Press Bureau Chief John Lumpkin as its new Journalism school director.

Notice that it is not Dr. John Lumpkin. I am not even sure if he has a master's, but he brings in tons of experience in various positions, including his former Dallas post from which he frequently ventured out into numerous newsrooms around the region. His face is one well known to many current and past Texas journalists.

Obviously, TCU has decided to move quicker toward the future, and all the rapid changes in journalism, spurring well ahead of traditional hirings of scholarly PhDs. Those Posthole Diggers, as some like to call themselves, are OK, but this looks like a wise and timely move on the part of the Horned Frog journalism people and their administration -- as seen from this corner.




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