Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Perspective revisited

Assault on Germany: The Battle for Geilenkirchen (David & Charles Military Book) Assault on Germany: The Battle for Geilenkirchen by Ken Ford

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The stories of World War II that I grew up with came, largely, from this time in that conflict from my late first step-father, Bob Wagner, a medic in the 84th Infantry Division. I hadn't heard those stories in years -- he passed away in 1972 -- but, Ford's book very closely ran a parallel to what I heard as a boy in California.

Ford's book is more interested in historical account and readability than substance in style, but is worth the read for anyone familiar with that time.

I read it in research of a particular bloodless incident that I heard about long ago -- one in which Scottish bagpipers played all night long, effectively scaring off a larger German unit shrouded behind a nearby fog when it lifted. That incident was not in this book, but Ford brought me closer to it, and aided my insight into the horrors one goes through at that time, and for an instant, took me back to those days in the '60s when Bob thought it was important that I understand why war is so horrible.

Despite how hard it might be to talk about at times.

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