Friday, August 11, 2006

Eye-catching graphic work

Texans for Public Justice graphic artist James Stout obviuously knows what he's doing in his craft.

His handiwork here leads into a very interesting report filed by this Austin-based watchdog organization about Texas top-rated, or low-rated -- depending on point of view -- lobbyists and their many, many millions.

Many of these millions go toward sponsorship of many Texas politicians -- obviously with strings attached when they obtain, or reclaim, office. Unfortunately, that's the system we have here in the U.S.

Politicians should wear sponsor company logo clothing and signs like race car drivers and athletes do in various other parts of the world. That would be much more honest than the current system, which almost still asks them to lie (or dodge the topic), telling us that they have no one telling them what to do.

Hey, you want to hold office here in the U.S., well unless you can pay for it yourself, you'll need some help and here's how you get it. Through lobbyists and other kingmakers.

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