Monday, July 17, 2006

Bobcat alums gathering in Laredo


Laredo alumni of Texas State University, previously known as Southwest Texas State, are growing and seeking members and project support.
Banker colleagues Jim Moore and Robert Treviño are the current chief leaders, aiming toward high school students, hoping to aid those who need some help.
Treviño said the group wants to raise scholarship funds for local high school students; mentor students on Texas State’s pluses and on education in general as well as to mentor parents on the positives of having their children leave home and grow as individuals outside Laredo.
“We realized that Laredo had over 500 Alumni in the area and we decided to get these people together so we could give back to our University and our community,” Treviño said. “We are in no competition with any other organization. In fact we welcome any joint project we can work together on. We all have the same goals Give back to our community and university.”
The University of Texas, St. Mary’s University and Our Lady of The Lake also have active alumni in Laredo.
Treviño feels media attention is important to the Bobcat group, and probably for other alumni groups, to help draw graduates.
“We are in our infancy stage and need all the publicity we can get to grow this organization into a chapter all alumni can be proud,” Treviño said.
Moore frequently updates local alumni on the phenomenal growth at the San Marcos school, noting numerous building changes, land acquisitions and changes in the facilities’ physical appearance.
Moore attended in the 1960s when enrollment was some 2,500. Enrollment has climbed to 27,000 now and TSU has become considerably more selective in its admissions.

Note: A similar print version of this story appears in LareDOS, here in Laredo, Texas.


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