Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In Beirut, Lebanon

In late 2002, a the invitation of good friend Rabih El Khoury, I visited Lebanon, despite all the jitters it might have given others.

Things weren't difficult at that time, but the Syrian occupation was a visible problem and there was turbulence on the horizon with the coming of the U.S.-Iraq war seen. Now, however, Lebanon is in the center of the storm, leaving too many dead and even more terrorized.

Many of these immediate Lebanese victims here in July 2006 have nothing to do with Hezbollah, but are where the bombs, missiles and bullets fall, nevertheless. I certainly hope peace prevails very soon. Most all of this never should have happened, anyway.

I still have very good memories of my trip to Lebanon. It's a beautiful country with many striking scenic sites, great food and really good people. I would like to see it all again, including the sites I missed in that first short trip. Even if I favor a war I dislike war, and this one -- for this American way over here -- seems very much a waste.

I'm sure I would have much stronger words if I was in that region.

Rabih's new blog has some very stunning photos from both peaceful and war moments in Lebanon. His blog is the first listed down on the right of mine.


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