Sunday, May 31, 2009

Annette Olsen-Fazi International Film Festival

Being in the right time at the right place sometimes means recognizing that that is happening. It happened for me a few steps from the job here at Texas A&M International University, in Laredo, attending nine of the numerous films shown in the festival named for the late Dr. Annette Olsen-Fazi who left us suddenly early this year.

She selected several of the films in the festival which started just a few years ago to help students and others get more French in their ear. She taught French and English.

The wisdom of her selections again helped to show what a tragedy her unexpected departure meant.

The festival was made possible through a grant from Humanities Texas, and I personally appreciate their help: especially on an adjunct's very shallow budget, and because I like good movies.

I saw, and thoroughly recommend, Amelie, Les Choristes, Soñar No Cuesta Nada, Der Untergang, Le Scaphandre et le Papillon, Audiencia, Señorita Extraviada, Finding Dawn, De Nadie. Audiencia as TAMIU films lecturer Marcela Moran's own production about Mexican wrestling fans in Laredo.

Some of the movies were documentaries and very powerful. Hopes are to move the festival to April of next year when more students, and viewers, will be around.