Thursday, September 14, 2006

War damage

One of the other things I hate about war -- what all it messes up besides lives, property...

This reached me late, which is just as well, but it's worth sharing as people need to consider that other things suffer when anger takes over. I really liked Byblos when I visited Lebanon in October 2002.

Reuters tells the rest --

Lebanese oil slick hits ancient Phoenician port
Tue 22 Aug 2006 9:04 PM ET
By Gideon Long

BYBLOS, Lebanon, Aug 23 (Reuters) - The Lebanese port of Byblos has survived the Romans, the Crusades and the armies of Alexander the Great but now it faces a 21st century menace, brought to its shores on a tide of war -- oil pollution.

A slick caused by Israel's bombardment of a power plant last month during its conflict with Hizbollah guerrillas has spewed a black tide along a 140-km (87-mile) stretch of the coastline.

Few places have been hit harder than Byblos, which dates back 7,000 years and lies 35 km (22 miles) north of Beirut.


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