Friday, October 27, 2006

Familiar ring to Trans-Texas Corridor stories

This story from The Guardian, off Farringdon Road in London, reports of unhappiness with growth in southern Spain. This is only the first few graphs of the story.

Spanish town goes on strike over development

Dale Fuchs in Madrid
Friday October 27, 2006
Guardian Unlimited

An entire town on Spain’s cement-clogged Costa del Sol went on strike for a day to protest at the planned construction of two golf courses, 800 luxury homes and two hotels.

The 1,853 residents of Cuevas del Becerro, outside Malaga, closed shops, bars, the town’s only petrol station and even the elementary school this week, part of a mounting popular backlash against rampant building throughout the country.

Residents fear the development, by Promociones Club de Campo y Golf de Ronda, will usurp, and possibly taint, the town water supply. More than 600 parents and children marched with signs that read “Water is our best friend” and “Speculation threatens the aquifer”.


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