Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Foresight to offer

"And people will then say, ah, If only we had had the foresight to do something."
-- Emilio Martinez

Emilio's comment is related to local water issues here in Laredo, but strongly reflects something I noticed when overseas about the U.S.

It seems too many here think that simply putting on a uniform and taking whatever orders they receive is all needed to preserve this country and its strengths in the world. No!!! Not even close. It requires some thinking, insight and foresight, but there are tons of seemingly little things that are needed that aren't given a high priority, or visibility in the media.

It goes down to that small town, or big city, lawyer, business person, educator, etc. that still hasn't gotten off his/her butt to run for office, help fight poverty, battle hunger, kick AIDS and other fatal diseases in the teeth, and so on and so on. Just wearing a uniform and carrying a gun falls way short of what the U.S. needs. I'll get back to that when I've got a clearer, longer list.

You can do your own, if you wish, or have some foresight to offer.


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